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Les courses automobiles francaises et voitures classiques

About Me

Intoxicated by the power and the glory of motor racing and seduced by the beauty of classic cars, fine wine, good food and the classic road circuits have enticed me to make my home in France.

I have been interested in motor racing since 1967.  When I was young I wanted to be a motor racing journalist but luckily I was persuaded to become an accountant instead as my writing skills are somewhat limited!  Nowadays I can indulge myself with this blog and mainly let the pictures do the talking.

You are probably wondering why my blog is called Rouen-les-AFX.   One of my favourite circuits was Rouen-les-Essarts and I now have a four lane 1:64 scale slot car circuit loosely based on it.   AFX was a brand of 1:64 scale slot cars made by Aurora and stood for Aurora Factory Experimentals. So there you have it!

Welcome to this blog and I hope you join me regularly to see my photos, read about the history of motor racing and occasionally something about slot cars.  In 2015 I am concentrating on writing a quick weekly report of the events that took place fifty years ago.  Click on the 1965 button to see it.

I have another blog called Auto Vitesse that publishes a photo and a short piece on a different car each day.

You can contact me via email at

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